• Early-Bird Pricing
    This is by far the easiest discount to take advantage of. Simply submit a registration with a payment of at least the minimum deposit by May 1st, and you'll receive the Early Bird Pricing. For most camps, that is a $20 savings.

  • Multiple Child Discount If you are registering more than one child from your immediate family, you are entitled to a $10 discount per child. A child attending multiple camps in the same summer also qualifies for this discount.

  • Group Discounts
    Churches can qualify for a group discount by sending groups of campers to the same camp session along with adult volunteer(s). The amount of the discount varies based on the number of campers and adults in the group. The discount amount also varies based on the camp session. The following shows how the discount is broken down:

    Level 1: Six or more students and 1 adult volunteer attending the same session from the same church
    Level 2: Twelve or more students and 2 adult volunteers attending the same session from the same church
    Level 3: Twenty-four or more students and 4 adult volunteers attending the same session from the same church


     Level 1Level 2Level 3
    Day Camp$5$10$10
    Pee Wee$10$15$20
    Middler, Junior, Core, Summit$20$30$40

    • Church leaders - i.e. Youth & Children's Ministers - must complete and turn in to the camp office Camp ACC's Group Enrollment Form.
    • All students must still register individually online or by mail, and group discounts will only be applied after the Group Enrollment Form is submitted by the church.
    • The adult volunteers must commit to being a full-time contributing camp counselor - attend Program Director's planning meetings, submit to the camp's sexual offender & criminal background check, sign Camp ACC's Leadership Registration Form and Covenant, be present and fully engaged from the start of the camp until its conclusion.
    • This discount will be split proportionally between family & church.
    • Telling your church leader that your child will be part of a group prior to May 1st does NOT qualify you for Early Bird pricing - only submitting a registration to the camp with a payment can qualify you for that pricing.
    • We encourage campers to invite friends outside of their church to be included in your group, however...
    • Churches cannot combine for the purpose of this discount.